We seek papers and presentations on any timely topic related to sea ice across temporal and spatial scales, ranging from case studies to year-round investigations as during MOSAiC. All contributions may include and/or combine observational, numerical, theoretical, laboratory or conceptual approaches. Key focus areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Sea ice in the regional and global climate: Past, present, and future variability and change of sea ice and climate on various scales, including observations, attribution and prediction, feedbacks, extreme events, polar-midlatitude linkages, Arctic-Antarctic contrasts.
  • Sea ice processes and ocean-ice-atmosphere interaction: Sea ice mass balance, dynamics versus thermodynamics, ocean heat flux, surface energy balance.
  • Snow on sea ice: Snow thickness, density, thermal and microwave properties, metamorphism, redistribution.
  • Physical properties of sea ice: From the microscopic to the macroscopic, optics, ice mechanics.
  • Sea ice ecology and biogeochemistry: From microorganisms to fish and marine mammals, primary productivity, ecosystem change, particulate and dissolved organic matter, carbon cycle, gas fluxes, aerosols, bio-physical interactions and feedbacks.
  • Methodological advances, coupling and upscaling in sea ice studies: Remote sensing, autonomous observations and vehicles, instrumental advances, new data products, coupling sea-ice modelling with observations, advances in numerical parameterizations.
  • Humans and sea ice: Indigenous sea ice knowledge and use, community-based monitoring programs, shipping and resource development in ice-covered waters, ice management, information systems, adaptation and mitigation.