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The symposium contains different kinds of presentations, social activities and side meetings, as shown in the figure below.
- green: key note presentations and poster presentations
- blue: oral presentations in parallel sessions
- organge: social activites
- yellow: side meetings (not part of the official symposium program)

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Presentations (Status 30 May)

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    Fri13:45Willmes et al.Shaping the sea ice: How ocean and atmosphere drive the patterns of wintertime Arctic sea ice leads.92a4001
    Mon14:30Wyburn-Powell et al.Large Scale Climate Modes as Drivers of Low-Frequency Regional Arctic Sea Ice Variability92a4002
    Mon15:30Arndt et al.Learning from local SNOW properties For Large-scale Antarctic ice pacK volumE: The SNOWflAke project92a4006
    Thu10:00Arndt et al.Relevance of inherent snow property variability for the large-scale Antarctic sea ice mass budget92a4007
    Mon15:30Arndt et al.Snow depth vs. snow accumulation in the Weddell Sea92a4008
    Mon15:30Arndt et al.Seasonal and interannual variability of landfast sea ice properties in Atka Bay and its relation to the adjacent ice shelf and ocean beneath92a4009
    Mon15:30Zahabi et al.Combatting Kessler Syndrome & the Implementation of Spaceport Infrastructure in the High North92a4015
    Tue9:40Campbell et al.Biogeochemical regimes of sea ice microhabitats in the High Arctic92a4017
    Thu11:30Wiehle et al.Towards Sea Ice Classification using combined Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 data92a4018
    Mon15:30Howell et al.A comparison of Arctic Ocean sea ice outflow between Nares Strait and  the Canadian Arctic Archipelago92a4019
    Tue15:30Maaß et al.Comparison of snow height buoy measurements with 1D snow cover simulations in the Weddell Sea92a4020
    Mon11:30Maus et al.Microstructure-based parametrisation of the salinity of young growing sea ice92a4022
    Thu16:00Allard et al.Development and testing of spatially varying landfast ice parameters in CICE692a4023
    Mon11:30de Rijke-Thomas et al.Airborne investigation of quasi-specular Ku-band radar scattering for satellite altimetry over snow-covered Arctic sea ice92a4025
    Tue14:15Riihelä et al.Variability and trends in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice albedo, 1979-2020, from the third edition of the CLARA data record92a4026
    Tue15:30Allard et al.Calibrating the biogeochemical indicators of seasonal sea ice cover in the sedimentary archives of a subarctic harbour, Bay of Sept-Îles, Quebec (Canada)92a4027
    Mon15:30Lohse et al.Automated ice type mapping for navigational support of vessels in the Arctic: Application and validation during the CIRFA-22 cruise92a4029
    Mon15:30Toyota et al.A study on the properties of granular ice from laboratory experiments92a4030
    Thu14:30Xu et al.Simulating Arctic Sea Ice Kinematics at Kilometer Resolution in CESM2-CICE5 – Sensitivity to Rheology and Strength Parameterization92a4031
    Fri12:15Xu et al.A Climate Record of Wave-Affected Marginal Ice Zone in the Atlantic Arctic based on CryoSat-292a4032
    Fri11:30Brady et al.Pan-Arctic sea ice motion from synthetic aperture radar using the Environment and Climate Change Canada automated sea ice tracking system92a4033
    Thu11:45Bischof et al.Seasonal variations in the sea ice-mixed layer depth relationship in the West Antarctic Peninsula92a4034
    Tue15:30Belter et al.FastCast-2: Optimized route suggestions for ships in polar regions using AI- based processing, Earth Observation data, and model forecasts92a4036
    Mon15:30Eis et al.Optimized routes for ship in-ice navigation based on sea ice classification and ice drift forecasts92a4037
    Mon15:30Cheng et al.Temperature and salinity in the Bohai Sea, the lowest latitude ice-covered sea in the Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) domain: observation and modelling92a4038
    Fri11:15Holmes et al.Reducing uncertainty in projections of Antarctic sea ice92a4039
    Tue14:45Mchedlishvili et al.Resolving drag coefficients estimates on Arctic-wide spatial and Monthly temporal scales92a4040
    Thu12:00Kortum et al.Realising the Potential of Data Driven Sea Ice Retrieval Methods from SAR92a4041
    Mon15:30Nab et al.Assimilation of CryoSat-2, Sentinel-3, ICESat-2 and SMOS sea ice thickness into an ice-ocean forecast model92a4042
    Tue15:30Babb et al.Using a New Year-Round Sea Ice Thickness Product to Quantify the Complete Annual Record of Sea Ice Volume Export Through Fram Strait (2010-2021)92a4043
    Tue14:30von Albedyll et al.New ice production in leads estimated from SAR-derived sea ice divergence92a4045
    Tue15:30Rostosky et al.Influence of warm air intrusions on satellite sea ice concentration climatologies92a4046
    Thu12:00Perron et al.Inverting spectral albedo to estimate solar heat deposition at the surface of sea ice92a4047
    Tue15:30Liu et al.Atmospheric turbulent intermittency over the Arctic sea-ice surface  during the MOSAiC expedition92a4049
    Thu15:45Meiners et al.Implications of Antarctic sea-ice change on Southern Ocean ecology and biogeochemical cycles92a4050
    Thu13:45Losch et al.Heterogeneity and linear kinematic features in sea ice models with Viscous-Plastic and Maxwell-Elasto-Brittle rheologies92a4053
    Mon13:30Dörr et al.Forced and internal components of observed Arctic sea ice changes92a4054
    Fri13:45Kolbe et al.Extension of the sea ice climate time series with historical satellite data from the 1970s92a4055
    Thu16:15Pirlet et al.How much does Antarctic landfast ice affect coastal polynyas at the circumpolar scale?92a4056
    Mon15:30Osanen et al.Application of an Underwater Hyperspectral Imager (UHI) for the study of sea ice algal biomass distribution and production92a4057
    Mon15:30Boutin et al.A coupled ice-ocean framework to investigate the impact of sea-ice deformation in the winter sea-ice mass balance in the Arctic.92a4058
    Tue15:30Länger et al.A model intercomparison provides new insights into carbon cycling in the Canadian Arctic Ocean92a4059
    Tue11:15Länger et al.Modelling the carbon system in a rapidly changing Arctic Ocean92a4060
    Mon14:30Granskog et al.New insights on Arctic sea-ice ridges from the MOSAiC expedition - an overview92a4061
    Thu16:45Cheng et al.Observation and modeling of snow and land fast sea ice interaction in YoungSound, East Greenland92a4062
    Tue15:30Hartley et al.Intimate in situ data collection over a unique spatiotemporal period - The Last Ice Sentinels Expedition92a4063
    Wed9:40Boutin et al.Wave impact on sea ice dynamics in the marginal ice zone using a coupled wave—sea-ice model92a4064
    Mon13:30Glissenaar et al.Trends and variability from a sea ice thickness proxy in the Canadian Arctic (1996-2021)92a4065
    Thu14:45Tsarau et al.Towards a high-resolution multi-scale sea ice model combining continuum and DEM approaches92a4066
    Mon14:30Sievers et al.Assimilating CryoSat2 freeboard92a4067
    Thu15:30Redmond Roche et al.Calculations of photosynthetically activate radiation transmittance values at the ice-ocean interface for varying thicknesses and types of sea ice and snow92a4068
    Mon11:15Shi et al.Daily snow depth and sea ice thickness obtained from the combined CryoSat-2, AVHRR, and AMSR measurements92a4069
    Tue11:00Nicolaus et al.Characteristics and composition of sea ice in the transpolar drift over the annual cycle92a4071
    Mon15:30King et al.Evaluating ACCESS-OM2 zooplankton biomass estimates using empirical observations92a4072
    Thu11:45Ye et al.Arctic sea ice type distribution from various microwave remote sensing products92a4073
    Tue15:30Tian-Kunze et al.Triple Collocation Analysis of SMOS-derived Sea-Ice Thickness Products using MODIS, Ocean-Ice Model and ULS data92a4074
    Tue11:00Neckel et al.Two+ decades (2000-2023) of pan Arctic meltpond fraction data92a4075
    Tue11:15Martínez Moreno et al.Ocean eddies drive heterogeneity in the sea-ice growth92a4076
    Mon14:15Maus et al.Bounds on the macroporosity of sea ice pressure ridges92a4078
    Mon13:30Schlindwein et al.Seasonal variations in seismic noise emissions of Arctic sea ice recorded by deep-water ocean bottom seismometers: implications for ice deformation and swell generation92a4079
    Tue14:45Muchow et al.Modelling ridging on local scales using discrete element methods92a4080
    Mon14:15Krumpen et al.Interannual variability and trends in Arctic sea ice thickness and surface roughness: Insights from two decades of airborne observations92a4081
    Tue15:30Sticker et al.Arctic rapid sea ice loss events in models simulations.92a4082
    Mon15:30Xiu et al.Seasonal prediction of NorCPM in the regional Antarctic sea ice92a4084
    Tue9:00Diamond et al.Do melt-ponds matter? Sea-ice parametrisations during three different climate periods92a4085
    Tue15:30Lessard-Hamel et al.Engineering challenges in the development of an in situ microscopic imaging system for sea ice observation.92a4086
    Thu13:30Aylmer et al.Modulation of future sea ice loss by ocean heat transport92a4087
    Wed12:15Melsheimer et al.Antarctic sea ice types with active and passive microwave satellite observations: First improvements92a4088
    Thu16:30Melsheimer et al.Satellite Remote Sensing of Snow on Antarctic Sea Ice with Microwave Radiometry92a4089
    Tue14:15Aylmer et al.Summertime rapid sea ice loss events on sub-seasonal timescales92a4090
    Tue15:30Kaidel et al.In Situ Observations of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Sea Ice92a4091
    Tue15:30Richter et al.Frazil ice in CTDs: effects on measurements of supercooling92a4092
    Fri11:15Meier et al.Improved sea ice drift estimates from enhanced-resolution passive microwave data92a4093
    Wed9:20Richter et al.Drivers of interannual fast-ice variability in McMurdo Sound: an investigation on multiple scales92a4094
    Thu11:15Yang et al.The evolution of the Fram Strait sea ice volume export decomposed by age: estimating with parameter-optimized sea ice-ocean model outputs92a4095
    Mon11:00Perovich et al.Solar heat partitioning at the MOSAiC Central Observatory92a4096
    Tue15:30Krampe et al.Challenges of dedicated snow modeling in high latitudes92a4097
    Wed11:00Caldarella et al.Towards Quantifying Frazil Ice Using Retrievals from an Acoustic Profiler, a Camera and Plume Models92a4098
    Mon15:30Jahn et al.Projections of a summer ice free Arctic: A review of current climate model projections92a4099
    Mon15:30Jahn et al.Fundamental changes in the North Water Polynya less likely if warming is limited to 2°C92a4100
    Fri12:00Mensah et al.A century-long decreasing trend in Bering Sea ice melt revealed by T-S-based estimates92a4101
    Thu11:00Haas et al.Multisensor observations of sea ice melt across the marginal ice zone92a4102
    Tue15:30Mensah et al.Trends in sea ice melt in the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay estimated from spring salinity profiles92a4103
    Thu17:15Haas et al.Thickness of the Berkner Island fast ice tongue: Implications for Ice Shelf Water92a4104
    Tue13:45Swiggs et al.Investigating changes in sea ice lead density in the Northwest Passage using satellite altimetry and optical imagery92a4105
    Tue15:30Reifenberg et al.Observations of Summer Ice Melt and Ice-Ocean Boundary Layer Heat Fluxes in the Marginal Ice Zone North of Fram Strait92a4107
    Thu12:15Happ et al.Employing data-science methods for mapping sea ice surface change on decadal time scales92a4108
    Wed11:15Wang et al.The impacts of combined SAM and ENSO on seasonal Antarctic sea ice changes92a4109
    Mon15:30Schweiger et al.Polynya Events in the Wandel Sea92a4111
    Fri11:00Hoppmann et al.Using distributed observations of the coupled Arctic system to capture spatial and temporal variability: Example from MOSAiC92a4113
    Tue15:30Feltham et al.Implementation of internal wave drag in the CICE model92a4114
    Wed10:00Haumann et al.An abrupt transition in Antarctic sea ice–ocean system92a4115
    Fri11:45Moore et al.Evolving relationship of Nares Strait ice arches and the North Water Polynya92a4116
    Mon15:30Muller et al.Melting-refreezing vs melting bags-equilibration method: an intercomparison for gases measurements in sea ice92a4117
    Tue15:30Nicolaus et al.Year-round interdisciplinary observations of the under-ice environment using a remotely operated vehicle during the Arctic expeditions92a4118
    Tue11:00Crabeck et al.The role of sea ice in the carbon budget of Polar Oceans, a decade of work92a4120
    Tue15:30Kimura et al.The Freshening of the Ocean by Melt Pond and Deformation of Sea Ice from Ice-Tethered Buoy/GPS Observations92a4121
    Fri11:00Massom et al.Change and variability in Antarctic coastal exposure to open-ocean (sea ice-free) conditions since 197992a4122
    Mon14:45Jewell et al.Atmospheric drivers of winter lead opening in the Beaufort Sea and impacts on large-scale patterns of sea ice transport92a4124
    Mon15:30Bathmann et al.SAR-Based Sea Ice Drift and Lagrangian Tracking for Evaluating Sea Ice Drift Forecast Models92a4125
    Wed12:00Komatsu et al.Mapping of sea-ice melting and net freshwater flux by sea-ice growth/melt in the Southern Ocean92a4126
    Wed11:15Ohshima et al.Dominant frazil ice production, associated dense water formation and material transport in Antarctic coastal polynyas92a4127
    Tue15:30Rusin et al.Sea Ice Concentration Retrievals from Microwave Radiometry : a New Algorithm for AMSR292a4128
    Tue13:30Down et al.A Climate Data Record of Global Sea-Ice Drift from the EUMETSAT OSI SAF92a4129
    Tue15:30Ohshima et al.Late summer frazil ice formation with high Chlorophyll off the Amery Ice Shelf and Cape Darnley92a4130
    Mon15:30Edel et al.Reconstruction of Arctic sea ice thickness (2000-2010) based on a hybrid machine learning and data assimilation approach92a4131
    Fri9:00Haas et al.Recent advances in airborne surveying of sea ice and snow thickness92a4132
    Thu14:30Rückert et al.Modelling snow and ice microwave emissions in the Arctic for a satellite-based water vapor retrieval92a4133
    Mon15:30Francis et al.Linking winds with sea ice changes in the Southern Ocean over the past centuries92a4134
    Tue15:30Landy et al.The Bilateral INTERAAC (air-snow-ice-ocean INTERactions transforming Atlantic) Collaboration between Norway and China92a4135
    Mon11:45Landy et al.What can we learn by comparing Arctic winter radar and laser freeboards obtained from CryoSat-2, AltiKa and ICESat-2 over the common mission period October 2018 – April 2022?92a4136
    Fri11:30Schroeder et al.The role of ocean heat transport from the Atlantic into the Arctic Ocean on sea ice variability92a4137
    Mon13:45Granskog et al.Regime shift in Arctic Ocean sea-ice thickness92a4139
    Thu14:45Välisuo et al.Arctic sea ice drift in extended range forecasts92a4140
    Mon15:30Lee et al.Estimating Summer Sea Ice Thickness from Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements92a4141
    Mon15:30Færch et al.Time-series Analysis of SAR Backscatter from Icebergs at L-and C-band92a4142
    Tue15:30Mishchenko et al.Features of changes in the ice cover in the seas of the Russian Arctic92a4143
    Mon15:30Johansson et al.Sea ice type separation using the polarization difference in high resolution C- and L-band SAR images92a4144
    Thu14:00Ólason et al.Sea-ice deformation in a new brittle rheology92a4145
    Fri13:30Zhang et al.Towards a high-resolution multi-scale sea ice model: exploring the potential of modelling floe-scale ice fracture with the Peridynamic method92a4146
    Thu14:15Feltham et al.A satellite era reanalysis of the Arctic sea ice cover utilising year-round observations of sea ice thickness92a4147
    Fri14:30Kirillov et al.The role of oceanic heat flux in reducing thermodynamic ice growth in Nares Strait and promoting earlier collapse of the ice bridge92a4148
    Mon15:30Matthes et al.Under-ice PAR levels during polar night recorded by autonomous profilers92a4149
    Mon15:30Singha et al.Simulated brightness temperatures of Arctic sea ice and comparisons with AMSR-2 observations at swath level92a4150
    Mon15:30Raphael et al.A simple method for estimating the effective thermal conductivity of snow on Arctic sea ice92a4151
    Mon15:30Bach et al.DMSP production, primary productivity and community composition in new year sea ice in the Weddell Sea92a4152
    Tue15:30Aaboe et al.A New Structure for the Sea Ice Essential Climate Variables of the Global Climate Observing System92a4153
    Mon15:30Fisser et al.Examining size estimates of small and medium icebergs in the Barents Sea, derived from Sentinel-1 data92a4154
    Tue12:15Bateson et al.Understanding the role of mechanical break-up in determining sea ice floe size92a4155
    Tue15:30Neudert et al.Retrieval of sea ice porosity evolution during MOSAiC from multifrequency electromagnetic measurements92a4156
    Thu16:30Neudert et al.Ice shelf and ocean influences on the sub-ice platelet layer in Atka Bay from electromagnetic induction sounding and CTD data92a4157
    Tue13:30Jensen et al.The Partitioning Processes of Sea Ice Associated Marine Ice Nucleation Particles Impacting the Arctic Clouds92a4158
    Fri14:15Regan et al.Modelling the evolution of Arctic multiyear sea ice over 2000-201892a4159
    Tue9:20Tilling et al.Improving Year-round Sea Ice Observations by Combining Satellite Altimeters and Novel Techniques92a4160
    Mon14:00Babb et al.The Multiyear Sea Ice Area Budget of the Arctic Ocean: Export, Melt, Replenishment and a Recent Plateau92a4161
    Mon15:30Ridley et al.Arctic sea ice decline in a global climate model results in water vapour, cloud, and boundary layer changes92a4162
    Tue12:00Clemens-Sewall et al.Progress Towards a Single-Column Model (Icepack) Case Study for the MOSAiC Expedition92a4163
    Thu11:15guo et al.Multi-decadal time series of sea ice type classification in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic Ocean retrieved from wide-swath Synthetic Aperture Radar data92a4164
    Tue12:15Wells et al.A mushy model of gas transport in porous sea ice92a4165
    Tue15:30Zhang et al.A year-long mesocosm study of weathering processes of microplastics in the sea-ice and ocean environment92a4166
    Mon11:30Webster et al.Atmospheric drivers of temporal variability in melt pond coverage and albedo:  a model-observation synthesis92a4167
    Thu11:00Mahmud et al.Sea ice monitoring from NISAR92a4169
    Thu17:15Yackel et al.Snow thermo-physical controls on X-, C- and L-band SAR backscatter from sea ice: a case study from MOSAiC92a4170
    Thu17:00Chapman-Dutton et al.The Effects of Late Spring and Summer Snowfall on Arctic Sea Ice Radiative Forcing92a4171
    Mon15:30Yackel et al.Snow depth on landfast sea ice in the Canadian Arctic from ICESat-2 and CryoSat-2 and SAR imagery92a4173
    Tue11:45Fuchs et al.The overlooked flexibility of melt pond bottom ice during formation and drainage – observations and implications92a4174
    Mon11:45Fuchs et al.The path of light through the Arctic sea ice cover92a4176
    Mon15:30Bradley et al.Late summer sea ice extent primary driver of summer season coastal erosion rates in Arctic Alaska92a4177
    Mon15:30Macfarlane et al.Ocean-sourced snow on Arctic sea ice92a4178
    Mon15:30Droste et al.The role of sea ice in the interannual variability of sea-air CO2 flux along the West Antarctic Peninsula92a4179
    Tue15:30Tsamados et al.High-resolution sea ice concentration budget analysis in the Arctic’s Last Ice Area92a4180
    Tue15:30Jutila et al.Insights to seasonal sea-ice surface roughness evolution and variability using MOSAiC airborne laser scanning92a4181
    Fri9:20Scharien et al.Seasonal variations in L-band frequency microwave backscatter from Arctic sea ice using surface and satellite observations92a4182
    Thu15:30Scharien et al.The sea ice phenology explorer tool: a publicly accessible tool for exploring landfast sea ice-climate indicators92a4183
    Mon15:30Fraser et al.Antarctic landfast sea ice: Physical, biogeochemical and ecological significance92a4184
    Mon15:30Fraser et al.The Emperor’s Smooth Floes; or why emperor penguins care about Antarctic fast ice roughness92a4186
    Tue15:30Fraser et al.The Emperor’s Smooth Floes; or why emperor penguins care about Antarctic fast ice roughness92a4186
    Thu13:30Fraser et al.Remotely-sensing the wave-affected Antarctic marginal ice zone using pulse-limited radar altimeters92a4187
    Thu16:00Martin et al.The influence of snow on Antarctic sea ice evolution: Drone-based mapping of the snow surface temperature92a4188
    Tue11:30Saylam et al.Analysis of Arctic summer sea ice heights to validate ICESat-2 measurements with airborne lidar technology.92a4189
    Fri13:30Yi et al.Comparing Cryosat-2 FF-SAR Sea Ice Freeboard with Cryosat-2, IceBridge/ATM, and ICESat-2 Freeboards in the Arctic92a4190
    Wed11:30Joshi et al.Seasonal and inter-annual variations in sea ice thickness in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica (2019-2022) using ICESat-292a4191
    Thu16:00Rapp et al.Genomic signatures of transience and stability: Microbial adaptations and interactions in first-year and multi-year sea ice92a4192
    Mon14:15Pauling et al.Sea Ice Response to Volcanic Eruptions in Model Large Ensembles92a4193
    Fri12:00Pauling et al.Sea ice and climate impacts from Antarctic ice-mass loss in a multi-model experiment92a4195
    Mon15:30Chua et al.Nilas: A Southern Ocean Mapping Platform92a4196
    Tue15:30Scott et al.Sea ice concentration and uncertainty estimates using brightness temperatures and atmospheric variables with a Bayesian neural network92a4197
    Fri12:15Wilhelmus et al.A new sea ice drift product for optical remote sensing Imagery92a4198
    Wed11:00Kurtz et al.ICESat-2 Mission Status and Sea Ice Product Updates92a4199
    Thu12:00Gupta et al.Mesoscale aggregation of sea ice floes in the marginal ice zone92a4200
    Thu11:45Corkill et al.A novel probe to sample trace-metal concentrations in sea ice at high vertical resolution92a4201
    Thu13:45Gupta et al.The three-dimensional life cycle of sea ice floes in the Weddell Sea92a4202
    Tue15:30Hutter et al.MOSAiC airborne laser scanning of the sea-ice surface: a year round data product of high-resolution digital elevation models92a4203
    Thu15:45Zampieri et al.Modeling the sea ice and snow heat conduction through the lens of the MOSAiC dataset92a4204
    Mon15:30Wongpan et al.Helicopter-based ice-covered ocean observations capture broad ocean heat intrusions towards the Totten Ice Shelf92a4205
    Thu9:00Hutter et al.Linking the evolution of floe-scale ice characteristics to its deformation history using satellite observations92a4206
    Tue15:30Preußer et al.Snow and ice thickness derived from sea ice mass balance buoys in the Transpolar Drift system92a4207
    Tue15:30Preußer et al.Improvement of MODIS-based winter sea-ice production estimates in Arctic polynyas by means of a model-based temperature adjustment scheme92a4208
    Thu11:00Light et al.Growing sea ice in the lab: controlled forcing, sample amendment, and replication for sea ice process studies92a4209
    Mon12:00Willatt et al.Novel techniques for estimation of snow depth over sea ice using the KuKa surface-based, dual-frequency, polarimetric radar92a4210
    Tue14:00Meier et al.What’s Next for the NOAA /NSIDC Passive Microwave-Based Sea Ice Concentration Climate Data Record92a4212
    Thu11:30Day et al.Statistically classifying the pan-Antarctic marginal ice zone with CICE692a4213
    Thu12:15Bollmann et al.Approaches to determine the surface roughness of Arctic sea ice using a laser scanner onboard the helicopter-borne measurement system HELiPOD92a4214
    Mon15:30Deschepper et al.Sympagic compartment reveals the details of primary production dynamics at the scale of Hudson Bay: lessons for the present and insights into the near future92a4215
    Tue14:45Aaboe et al.Four decades of sea ice observed from Space: sea ice type and hemispheric distribution92a4216
    Thu14:00Aaboe et al.Retreating sea ice in the Barents Sea - the Arctic Hotspot region92a4217
    Mon15:30Yang et al.An ensemble-based Data Assimilation System for the Southern Ocean (DASSO)92a4219
    Tue15:30Gerland et al.Monitoring of landfast sea ice at Storfjorden, Svalbard92a4220
    Mon15:30Soriot et al.Toward 30 Years of Sea Ice Thickness and Sea Ice Volume Estimation From Passive Microwave Radiometers Observations92a4221
    Mon15:30Gerland et al.Sea ice studies in a changing northern Barents Sea within the multidisciplinary Nansen Legacy project92a4224
    Mon15:30Takata-Glushkoff et al.Sivuqaq Sea Ice Changes: Regional Remote Sensing and Local St. Lawrence Island Yupik Perspectives92a4225
    Fri14:30Rheinlænder et al.Simulating winter sea-ice breakup in the Beaufort Sea from 2000-2018 and its implications for MYI transport92a4226
    Tue15:30Rückert et al.Using a rotatable mirror for ship-based microwave radiometer measurements of surface emissivity92a4227
    Thu17:15Wollenburg et al.The importance of sea-ice derived cryogenic minerals on ballasting marine algae aggregates in the polar oceans92a4228
    Mon15:30Phan et al.Fracturing ice floes by percussion in a granular model92a4229
    Mon15:30Rohde et al.LoRa on Ice: live sea ice monitoring with open-source technology92a4230
    Wed12:00Mäkynen et al.Arctic thin ice detection using AMSR2 and FY-3C MWRI radiometer data92a4231
    Tue15:30Kolbe et al.Sea and ice surface temperature CDR and trends using AVHRR thermal Infrared satellite sensors 1982-202292a4232
    Thu14:15Wulf et al.Operational High Resolution Arctic Sea Ice Concentration Retrieval  using SAR and Passive Microwave Observations92a4233
    Mon15:30Veyssiere et al.Sea ice surface radiative fluxes from ground and airborne observations in the Weddell Sea92a4234
    Thu14:15Mehlmann et al.Simulating deformation structure in viscous-plastic sea-ice models with CD-grid approaches92a4235
    Tue15:30Treffeisen et al.Pooling Resources to Investigate and Share Information on Sea Ice – The SEA ICE PORTAL92a4236
    Thu17:00Wongpan et al.Modeled Ice Algal Production in Antarctic Landfast Sea Ice92a4237
    Fri11:30Blockley et al.Impact of Antarctic sea ice variability on climate evolution in a CMIP6 model with implications for interpretation of future projections92a4238
    Mon15:30Haas et al.Sea Ice-thickness product iNter-comparison eXerciSe – The ESA SIN’XS project92a4239
    Tue14:00Ricker et al.Linking scales of sea ice surface topography: evaluation of ICESat-2 measurements with coincident helicopter laser scanning during MOSAiC92a4241
    Mon14:00Zhang et al.Capacity of the selected CMIP6 models to simulate Arctic sea ice drift92a4242
    Mon15:30Taelman et al.Tracking individual sea ice floes using in-situ ice drift observations92a4244
    Tue11:30Salganik et al.Differential summer melt rates of ridge keels and level ice in the Central Arctic Ocean During the MOSAiC Expedition92a4245
    Tue10:00Korosov et al.Sea Ice Age Climate Data Record92a4246
    Tue11:45Pradel et al.Investigating the incorporation of micro- and nanoplastics into young artificial sea ice92a4247
    Mon12:15Lu et al.Fracture properties of sea ice across spatial and temporal scales92a4249
    Thu13:30Korosov et al.Improving short-term sea ice predictability using deformation observations92a4250
    Tue13:30Ludwig et al.Sea-ice deformation forecasts and their scale dependence from the Sea Ice Drift Forecast Experiment (SIDFEx)92a4251
    Tue15:30Kern et al.Comparing ESA’s Sea_Ice_cci Nimbus-5 ESMR sea ice concentration product v1.0 with Landsat imagery – first results92a4252
    Mon15:30Turner et al.13 years of CryoSat Quality Control: Evolution and Current Status of the Ice Processors92a4253
    Mon12:00Steckling et al.Investigating the surface energy balance at the Arctic sea-ice edge92a4254
    Thu16:45Merkouriadi et al.Quantifying the effect of snow-ice formation on SnowModel-LG snow depth and density product92a4256
    Mon13:45Uusinoka et al.High resolution analysis of sea ice deformation during MOSAiC92a4257
    Thu9:20Stolla et al.Understanding the Intermodel Spread of Simulated Arctic September Sea-Ice Sensitivity92a4258
    Mon11:00Notz et al.Scales apart: from brine pockets to global climate92a4259
    Fri12:00Korosov et al.How can image anisotropy help improving a sea ice model?92a4260
    Mon15:30Birnbaum et al.Airborne observations of melt pond characteristics in different Arctic sea ice regimes92a4261
    Fri14:30Notz et al.A unified sea-ice area data product92a4262
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    Wed9:00Excursion information